CalliPlus Chinese Calligraphy Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

calliplus android app demo

CalliPlus is an android app to search and fetch Chinese calligraphy characters from 全字庫 website, and display it in a much more effecient way.

Learn Chinese Characters Sumi-e Painting on your iPad App A fun and interactive app to get started with Chinese characters and calligraphy.

Twin Touch Calligraphy-- Demo basic stroke

How to make a simple stroke in the Android App --- Twin Touch Calligraphy. Twin Touch is a patent-pending technology that I developed. Go to Google Play, ...

TEST YOUR CALLIGRAPHY in xThink Calculator App (iOS)

TEST YOUR CALLIGRAPHY: Can you duplicate this example (uses 0 to 9 and also an exponent)?

calligraphy art 2

Drawing calligraphy on digital tablet.

3D Virtual Calligraphy

ICDVRAT 2006 We have explored a new type of light painting interface in the framework of the European Union Network of Excellence "Enactive Interfaces".

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